Apple iMessage Will Bring Millions to Mobile Marketing

Busy week for revenues with Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Alphabet all reporting. The heading numbers were fantastic but you individuals are missing the point. There is a paradigm shift happening right under your nose, and you're too fixated on Pokemon Go to discover.
See the next generation of social and digital advertising, the messenger app. It's not simply teenaged ladies sending out emojis. It's about media delivery, custom keyboards, psychological brand connections and chat bots. Not little neo-Nazi Punky Brewsters like Microsoft's Tay, I'm talking getting your phone and messaging Comcast so they can repair your cable television. Texting Amazon to discover a fragrance to stop your girlfriend from stating, "You never ever get me anything" for a week or 2. Getting a score on your beard video game that day. That's right, #BeardGameStrong.
Apple has actually silently opened its iMessage platform to developers. Get ready for an abundant user exper


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