The Winners and Losers of the Trump RNC

I do not care if you're Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Rastafarian, everybody is going to win preceeding November. The large home entertainment value is magnificent from both sides. We have actually got the Democrats next week but first off, the Donald's Republican politician National Convention from the error by the lake, Cleveland, Ohio. Who are the real winners and losers so far?
Big winner, World Fumbling Home entertainment (WWE). Did you see that opening? Where do you believe the Donald found out that sort of showmanship? I thought we were going to get a Stone Cold Stunner last night. Or at least an amazing John Cena cameo. Rather we got Antonio Sabato Jr. However hey, how terrific is the very first Presidential Dispute going to be when the Donald reaches into his bag of tricks and busts this out on Hillary?
Huge loser, bank stocks like JPMorgan Chase (JPM) and Bank of America (BAC). The GOP platform will consist of language promoting for a return of Glass-Steagal


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