The Old Guys Guide to Pokemon GO

There are people all over on their phones, running around the nation chasing fictional critters so they can "capture them." It's Pokemania all over once again as a brand-new type of mobile video game is taking the world by storm. Don't stress old guys, I'm here to break down exactly what you have to find out about Pokemon Go.

Pokemon started in the 1990s, evolving from another odd Japanese pastime, catching bugs. The initial video game was fixated human fitness instructors capturing and training these imaginary animals to fight each other for sport. Pokemon is brief for Pocket Monsters. Since the original Pocket Monsters Red and Green there have actually been a number of movies, TV series, card video games, comics, narratives, computer game as well as live musicals devoted to the franchise. This Pokemon Go mobile game is the current setup and brings with it a major paradigm shift. It's the very first hit augmented truth game.

Players use their GPS and ca


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